Rich, poor, young, old.  It doesn't matter to a golf ball.  All the training, equipment and effort in the world can't make you any better than the next guy.  That's not to say you feel much better about your game when you look good doing it.

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I've been asked this week whether I'd like to be on Team Townsquare Media at this Friday's Brew-B-Q Golf Invitational at Stonetree Golf Course in Killeen.  I thought about it.  It's been six or seven years since I've been on the radio station's team at a golf tournament.  We just haven't fielded any teams recently, and if we have, I wasn't invited.  There's good reason for that.  I get worse every time I golf, and about 4 years ago I gave up the "sport" entirely.  Maybe if I was loaded (both money AND booze) I'd be more willing to hit the golf course.  Maybe if I had a really, really cool golf cart I'd be more willing to golf.

When you get above a certain income level, simply living alongside a golf course isn't enough.  Suddenly, it's about the latest golf club, the latest plaid pants and the hottest golf cart.  Yes, tricking out your golf cart has become the new thing.  When I was a kid, anyone that had a golf cart or lived on a golf course was the richest person in the world.  Now, if you don't have a Ferrari golf cart, you're a nobody.  Ferrari not your brand?  How about the model that comes from Porsche?  It'll only set you back around $62,000, making it the most expensive model on the planet.  The Garia golf cart comes complete with 10-inch aluminum wheels, a digital layout on the dash and a built-in fridge.  That price tag, by no means, makes it the most tricked out golf cart.

These ain't your grandparents' golf carts anymore. Photo credit iStock Photo-115896935

If you're looking for a little durability while you search for your ball in the rough you might want to take a look at the Hummer H2 golf cart, which will run you right around 20-grand.  For this price you'll get everything a real Hummer will get you, minus the snotty looks from Prius drivers.  When you're uber-wealthy and have the time & creativity to do so, you can come up with just about anything.  I've seen Batmobile golf carts, both for the classic show AND the recent Dark Knight movies.  I've seen a Mickey Mouse, a Wiley Coyote, a Bentley and even a motorcycle golf cart.  Free time combined with lots of money means the plain, white golf cart your grandfather rode isn't acceptable anymore.

I don't want to be the guy that brings it up, but I've been told you're not a REAL golfer if you don't walk the course.  In that regard, I AM a real golfer.  My shots so often end up in the woods, water and rough that I don't spend much time riding the golf cart.  I spend most of my time searching through the woods and tall grass for a ball I'll never find, and by the time I give up, my partner is off to the green with the golf cart and his shot.

What's you dream golf cart?  I've seen things in my research for my story (aka Google search) that open up a whole new world of possibilities for me.  I'm now looking at investing in a tricked-out Rascal Scooter for the mini-golf course.  I'm not much of a golfer, but I OWN that windmill!!

You've still got a chance to join us on the golf course this Friday for the Brew-B-Q Golf Invitational at Stonetree Golf Course in Killeen.  Sign up online, or call Caroline at 254-773-5252.  Plenty of brew, BBQ and prizes to make this the most fun you'll have on the golf course all year.