For the past few years, the '80s have been "in". After 'Stranger things' everyone in Hollywood jumped on the nostalgia train and it's paid off.

When I think of the '80s one thing comes to mind: the greatest show of all time 'Magnum P.I.' starring Tom Selleck.

With it being Selleck's 75th birthday today I would like to take a moment of your time to talk about something very dear to my heart; Boycotting the new Magnum P.I.

Look the new show is just plain terrible. Okay, that's a little harsh I know, but I just love the original series so much that it grinds my gears that they would even attempt to recreate it.

The original balanced action, humor, and drama so well. It had it's cheesy '80s moments, but that's part of the appeal. The new one is forced and dry and honestly, most current CBS shows seem to have actors who phone it in.

But when it comes down to it the biggest crime of all is having another actor play the role of Thomas Magnum. Selleck said it best himself before the new show had started, no one should ever play that role again.





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