While lots of people associate beer and whiskey as the alcohol they think of when they think of Texas, there is so much more to choose from here in the lone star state. We have some amazing distilleries that are producing massive amounts of alcohol that go all over the world. There are also some fantastic breweries that make really good beer. But there is more, there are tons of great wineries all over the state of Texas too. Recently there was a winery that was crowned the best in Texas, and we need to discuss. 

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There was a time in my life that I would drink just about anything in front of me, and after I got out of my 20s, I got more selective about what I was drinking because I wanted it to taste good. So, you try lots of different things to figure out what you like, which is what so many people do with wine. But ELLE DECOR put out an article about the best winery in each state and I was curious to see what they chose for Texas. 

Where Is the Best Winery in Texas Located? 

If you want to try the best winery in Texas according to this recent article, you’re going to be headed toward the beautiful Texas Hill Country. The winery mentioned as the best is located in Fredericksburg. 

Which Winery Was Named the Best in Texas? 

I’m not exactly a wine connoisseur but if you’re looking for the best wine in Texas you need to try Pontotoc Vineyards. They were named the best winery in Texas. Online comments also mention that they have amazing bread and cookies for sale there as well. 

What do you think is the best winery in Texas?  

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