A tragic story out of San Antonio, TX, was confirmed today. Police have released details behind a murder-suicide that involved a Texas father murdering his family, and setting their home on fire, before killing himself.

The tragedy happened in early March, but police are just now releasing details. The deadly fire, according to police, happened around 10:30 a.m. on March 8 at the family's San Antonio home.

It has been reported that when firefighters arrived the house was already completely engulfed in flames. After the fire was contained, during the search, there were four people found dead inside.

From MY NBC 15, "San Antonio Police said evidence revealed that the father of the family shot and killed his wife, daughter, and son, then set the house on fire and took his life by shooting himself."

The victims were identified as Blanca Pescador, 40, Leslie Pescador, 19, and a 13-year-old son. The suspect was identified as Alfredo Pescador, 44.

In a statement released by the family on March 14, they confirmed the news of the tragic event:

Our whole world was turned upside down. My sister Blanca was a happy and beautiful person and my niece (Leslie) and nephew (Freddie) awesome human beings and outstanding students. My sister Blanca loved to laugh, and her entire world revolved around her kids and husband.

As we want very much to celebrate their life, it is a very difficult and emotional time for us to conduct an interview and be talking about this incident right now.

We are presently raising money to bring back their bodies back to El Paso TX, where my sister was born and raised. A GoFundMe account was created to bring their bodies back and provide a service where they will be surrounded by their loved ones.

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