The Dallas Cowboys are taking on the Green Bay Packers this weekend. It is possible we could have a new record this weekend broken from this rivalry.

Kansas City Dealing With Extreme Conditions

The National Weather Service is officially warning Kansas City fans to be prepared for brutal conditions for their playoff game tomorrow night. If things go as planned. This will be the first time the Chiefs have played a game at home in negative temperature conditions. Their previous coldest game was just one degree. The other thing impacting the game is the 25 mph winds that will be rolling in. That will make it feel like negative 23 degrees.

Could the Dallas Cowboys Lose Their Infamous Record?

As of right now the coldest game in NFL history is the Dallas Cowboys VS the Green Bay Packers. December 31, 1967 or as people know it today, "The Ice Bowl". Now here is where this "record" gets confusing. Do you go by temperature or wind chill temperature? The temperature for this game was -13 degrees, they say once the game was over it got down to -18 degrees. The wind chill made it feel like -48 degrees, which I can't even imagine what that would feel like.

Or Is This the Coldest NFL Game Ever?

If you go by wind chill temperature. This is by far the coldest game in NFL history. Back in 1981, the AFC Championship game had a wind chill temperature of -59 degrees. However the temperature was actually -9 degrees. I need to know how many layers fans had in the stand for this one. We will see how bad it gets in Kansas City on Saturday officially, but I think the Dallas Cowboys record will stand another year.

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