The weather was quite wild in parts of Texas yesterday. 

Maybe it’s because I grew up in North Texas, but I kind of like stormy weather. I get this strange mixture of anxiety and excitement when severe weather is headed our way. 

Any time a storm comes along, I have to go outside and watch – until the s*** hits the fan. At that point, I’m looking for a hole to duck into.

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But severe weather has always fascinated me. It probably has to do with the fact that I was 6 years old on Terrible Tuesday and saw the tornado that hit Vernon while standing on our front porch, about a mile or so away from it. 

So, I can sit and watch videos of severe weather events all day long. I figured I would share a couple that I came across today with you. 

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex endured some wild weather yesterday. According to Fox 4 News, at least 1 tornado was confirmed and there was widespread hail damage. The below videos show Little Elm and Oak Point getting pounded by hail. 

We’re just getting started here in this severe weather season. Y’all keep an eye on the sky and stay safe out there.

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