Have been reading several stories lately of people fighting, the conflict escalating to gunfire, and someone or multiple people end up getting shot. This most recent story has the Houston, Texas Police Department looking for a woman who allegedly shot a man in front of his mother just before midnight last night.

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According to reports, the man and woman were having a physical fight in the front yard when the man's mother attempted to break up the altercation. The woman, who has still not been identified other than her age being 43, then went to a car and got a gun before using it to shoot the man, now identified as her 35 year old boyfriend, in the lower back.

What information can the Houston Police provide on the shooter of the boyfriend?

If you watch the above video and read this KHOU article, you will see not a lot of information has been provided about the people involved, and that includes a description of the 43 year old woman who is on the loose after allegedly shooting the man in the back. We do know the man was taken to a local hospital and underwent emergency surgery.

It would be helpful for people to know who to be on the look out for, and what type of vehicle the woman could potentially be in. All that has really been reported thus far was that the shooting happened near the South Freeway at a home on Luca Street in a neighborhood near Old Spanish Trail.

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