The Lacs join forces with Murphy Elmore for their new "Hellraisers in Heaven" music video, and the clip will resonate with so many fans who share their small-town country roots.

"Hellraisers in Heaven" is aimed at everyone who grew up getting into trouble in their small towns, but getting right by going to church on Sundays — no matter what might have happened Saturday night.

"We were Saturday night ten foot tall bulletproof / Sunday morning hungover, hidin' in a back pew / Asking for forgiveness and redemption / And praying god lets hellraisers in heaven," the chorus states.

Elmore says the song stems straight from his own past experience.

"Honestly, this is just the way I grew up. Being from a small Southern Baptist town, if there wasn’t any trouble to get into, there wouldn’t be anything to do," he observes. "You just knew you better be in the pew come Sunday mornin’ either way, or there was gonna be hell to pay."

He was driving back to Nashville from a hunting trip in Georgia when he saw a bunch of people loading coolers into their trucks in a parking lot.

"It just kinda took me back to this old party spot from back home that we all used to go to, and I was thinking about how Saturday nights were the wildest," he says. "But also the hardest, 'cause most of us were only gonna get a few hours of sleep once we got home, 'cause we’d be getting up early Sunday mornin’ to make the service."

The collaboration with the Lacs came about just as naturally as the inspiration for the song.

"Sitting down and having a beer with Murphy told us all we needed to know," the Lacs' Brian King states. "He’s a cool guy, real talented, and we clicked right away."

So much so, in fact, that the Lacs are hitting the road with Murphy for their Hellraisers in Heaven Tour, which launched Feb. 9 and will run through April 29. Dustin Spears also joins the tour as their support act.

"This tour has been a long time in the making, but we're excited to hit the road and raise some hell every night with our fans," the Lacs' Clay Sharpe adds.

The "Hellraisers in Heaven" premieres Friday (Feb. 10) exclusively via Taste of Country. For more information about the Hellraisers in Heaven Tour, visit the Lacs' official website.

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