You may have recently heard that there is a major spike in Salmonella infections in the Killeen-Temple, Texas area, and now there is a massive recall for the entire Lone Star State because 11,000 pounds of food has been linked to Salmonella. You may be thinking that it feels like food recalls are on the rise, and you would be right, but we'll touch more on that in a moment.

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What Texas food has been linked to Salmonella?

The product being recalled according to the United States Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and and Inspection Service is Busseto Foods brand ready-to-eat charcuterie that is distributed by Fratelli Baretta USA Inc and sold at Sam's Club.


Why are recalls of Texas foods increasing?

You can thank modern technology for that. As tech advances the quality and safety of the food has also gotten better, but another effect of improved technology is that food testing is reaching a place where potential dangers faster can be detected sooner, and recall food sometimes before it is even on store shelves.

The approach to tainted food was generally as a response to a recognized outbreak that was already making people ill. Now, we are entering a time when the strategy is to prevent illnesses instead of treating them after they occur.

Now, if your family is anything like mine, we love a good charcuterie spread, and would have served one just like this at our New Year's gathering. Thankfully, we called off the get together this year, but for anyone else who is discovering this recall 5 days after New Year's Eve, please stay alert.

You can find every Texas Sam's Club impacted here, and read more in this USA Today article.

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