I hope the Walmart overlords in Texas are reading this. Self checkout sucks, doesn't speed things up all that much and can actually cause other problems.

Accidental theft, real theft/profit loss, wasted time and false allegations among others.

As a concept, self checkout wasn't a bad idea. Letting it practically take over was. Now it's everywhere, even at Circle K. Except there, the clerk has to watch you do it.

Upside, you have help when it bills you $33.99 for your Polar Pop. Downside, no time saved for customers, no wages saved for Circle K. So, what's the point here?

Anyway, back to Walmart.

You pop in for milk, bread and chips. Seeing that the real cashiers have long lines of customers with fully loaded carts, self checkout actually is quicker and easier.

Add in produce, veggies or alcohol though and it gets tricky.

You need a special code for your jalapenos, you have to figure out the right weight 'n cost of your peaches and/or have your ID validated.

No time saved here.

In fact, extra time is lost waiting for the clerks to break up their little bull session long enough for one of them to assist you.

As Sebastian Maniscalco said, "we weren't properly trained on this machine".

Sure, there are full service cashiers but, typically, the store only has a few open so the lines are crazy. You really HAVE to use these freakin' things

In Albuquerque, Walmart has come to its senses.

Citing the issues listed above, (and there are more), Walmart's in the 505 are going back to full cashier service. Full service ONLY.

Good for you Duke City.

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