Even when J.J. Watt is at another teams training camp he is still the most popular player on the field.

The Texans had a joint practice with the Green Bay Packers as they prepare for their pre-season opener The Washington Post reports. And the Texans defensive end and Wisconsin native was allowed to participate in the Packer tradition of players riding young fans bikes from the locker room to the practice field.

It was a dream come true... until the 288 pound Watt's ride was cut short due to the seat breaking on him. 

"It was pretty awesome, until I broke the bike"

-J.J. Watt

The former defensive MVP can be heard saying "Not big man approved" as he hops off and picks up the bike belonging to little Biraj Sadhu who was wearing a Packers jersey.

Watt is the definition of a gentle giant. When I originally wrote the headline I simply put "J.J. Watt breaks kids bike at Packers training camp". I decided to put the word "accidentally" as to not make it seem like this was a smear piece, but I don't think anyone could see the man in a negative light.


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