Jalene Salinas, the 4-year-old Texas girl who inspired the world with her desire to dance to "Shake It Off" with Taylor Swift, has passed away.

The girl's family confirmed that Jalene died on March 15, KHOU reports. As news of her passing spreads, Jalene's Journey Facebook page has filled with messages of support.

Jalene was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer in April 2014. Despite several rounds of chemo, radiation and surgery, the tumors kept coming back. At the beginning of this year, doctors told Jalene's family there was little they could do to stop the terminal cancer. Upon hearing the news, her loved ones helped the little girl create a bucket list of things she wanted to accomplish in the time she had left.

From building a snowman to visiting new places, Jalene was able to accomplish almost every single goal. There was just one thing left: Jalene's final wish was to dance with Taylor Swift.

Members of her San Antonio, Texas, community rallied on social media to get the hashtag #ShakeitOffJalene trending on Twitter. When Swift found out about it, she arranged a 'meeting' — a FaceTime conversation, which happened on March 2. "I'm so happy to talk to you and I'm so happy you like 'Shake It Off," Swift told the 4-year-old. Although Jalene was in pain at the time, she was clearly excited to chat with her idol.

Jalene's health began to decline over the last couple few weeks, and she was unable to attend benefits held in her honor. Her family has not yet announced funeral plans.