There are only 8 more chances to win $1,000 with the Cash Cow on US 105.  The winning starts back up Tuesday, and it's your final week to win.

You can find out exactly when to be listening to win $1,000 with the Cash Cow this coming Tuesday (May 29th).  Listen, be caller 25 and win.  It's that simple.  The difficult part comes in how to spend that $1,000.

Sure, we can say we'd catch up on a few bills, but what fun is that?  We're playing with the House's money, so why not let it ride?  It's not enough to blow it up in Vegas or spend a week for 2 all-inclusive on a Caribbean beach, but there's still some fun to be had.


I give you "Three to See - Top 3 Things I'd Do With $1,000 From the Cash Cow"


  • 1

    See a Game at Wrigley Field

    I've been a Cubs fan since my days watching the games on WGN as an 8-year-old in New Mexico.  We'd just returned from three years overseas, and with all the moving we'd done I never really had a "hometown team".

    The only two teams you could watch on a regular basis in 1986 were the Cubs on WGN and the Braves on TBS.  Are you kidding me?  These were the days when the Cubs were making the playoffs.  The Braves were still a doormat.  Also, all the shows at TBS started at :05 or :35 after the hour.  Anybody remember that?  What kind of stupidity is that?

    Ever since those days I've remained a silent Cubs fan, rooting each year until they're mathematically eliminated from the playoffs in early July.  They've got an exciting young team this season, and if I won $1,000 with the Cash Cow I'd go see a game in June.

    There's a home game against the Dodgers on a Thursday afternoon in late June.  I'd get a cheap flight, cheaper hotel and great seats in the left field bleachers.  That's right, even with the money to do so, I'd be a bleacher bum in left field, praying for the opportunity to catch a home run from the Dodgers so I could throw it back on the field.

    The only thing that would make it sweeter would be singing the 7th inning stretch.

  • 2

    Hit the Shreveport Casinos

    We've got a family vacation to the Outer Banks planned for this summer.  On the way to NC my wife's parents will be driving with my two boys.  On the way back they're our responsibility.  I'd make sure to stop off on the drive to the beach in Shreveport for a surprise night out with my wife.

    I'd have her totally expecting a long drive to Memphis (about the halfway point) and a stay in a crappy Motel 6.  How about NOT leaving the light on for us?  I'd rather not see what's in those rooms.  Instead of crashing at Tom Bodett's place I'd stop off for a night of casino action that would blow my wife away on several fronts.

    First of all, I'm never spontaneous and I never surprise her with a night out.  Second, I hate casinos.  More correct would be to say I hate Vegas, but I've NEVER had even a decent time in a casino, winning OR losing.

    Winning $1,000 with the Cash Cow would literally be like playing with House Money.

  • 3

    Go Wild With a Week in the Wild

    I've been begging my wife for years to spend our week's worth of summer vacation in the mountains of Colorado or New Mexico.  She's a beach babe so I've never won that argument.  If I was the one that called in and won the $1,000 with the Cash Cow, I'd make the decision.  Call me The Decider because I've decided we're renting a cabin in the woods and spending a week off the grid.

    I want a place at least out of gunshot range, meaning if I want to shoot off the gun for fun to get back to my primal roots in the middle of the night I don't want anyone to complain.  That's not even something I do or WOULD do, but that's how remote I'd want to be.

    I want to have ZERO bars on my phone.  I want the sound of running water, shade from the mountain's pine trees and the possibility of a bear encounter always looming.