It's good to be dad.  I have two boys (12 & 7) that are both my little mini-me carbon copies, and they're both at a great age for getting to be a kid all over again.

Thanks to some unannounced construction on the way to the track meet, I almost didn't get to see Ty's first discus throws. Photo by me.

They're just like me in a lot of different ways, which means they share similar interests.  That means I get to share all my (very questionable) wisdom along to them.  From baseball tips and life advice, you'd think I'd lived the life of Forrest Gump.  "Do as I say, not as I do".

Those two boys are also just different enough from me that I get to do a lot of fun things I'd never have done otherwise.  I had a great time at a hocked game in Cedar Park recently.  I never would have done that without Tyler.  I've been to more soccer games than I ever thought I'd see thanks to Logan's continued love for the game.  I only played soccer until I developed the hand-eye coordination to play baseball.

It's a good time to be a dad.  Tyler's not quite a teenager yet, which means I don't want to strangle him 24-hours a day.  Yet.  July will be here soon enough.  Logan's old enough to keep up and not keep us off the big boy rides wherever we go (he's tall for 7).

Now, thanks to iPhones, Androids and the like, it's all documented for later viewing.  Anytime a teenager becomes a pain in the butt, I can instantly hop in the virtual hot tub time machine and be transported back to a time when they were cute and lovable.  It may be just enough to keep the boys on my good side through the teenage years.  Probably not.

Donuts-with-dad time. Photo by me.

Just in the past 24-hours, I've been to my first-ever track meet with Tyler and did my first donuts-with-dad with Logan.  Tyler rocked a discus 54-feet and ran the 300-meter dash.  I ran long distance in indoor track for one season in high school, but I'd never been to an outdoor track meet.  I'll bring a jacket next time.  And a chair.  And a phone charger.  And an ice chest.  And a blanket and pillow.

I may have been more excited for donuts-with-dad than Logan.  I've complained on the radio and online for years that dads get hosed when it comes to fun at school.  Moms get the love on Mother's Day in May, but the kids are out of school come Father's Day in June.  I truly believe this first-ever event is a result of my lobbying (complaining) on the radio.  Reality may be a little different, like being an event to coincide with the father-daughter dance this weekend.

Whatever the reason, it's great to be the dad.  Moms certainly get to have their fun, but in the Garrett household, it's a lot of testosterone outweighing my poor wife.  She and Lexi (the dog) are the only ladies in the house.  That means there's a lot more sports than "Real Housewives".  There's a lot my flatulence-related humor than discussions about nail polish.

It's good to be dad.