In my 17 years of radio there have only been a handful of times when something has kept me from doing my show.  In my early radio days I was usually to blame for missed work.  Since becoming a father most of my missed shows have resulted from sick kids.  Today was the first time a missed bus came into play.

I can see how easy it is to miss a bus when the bus is written on a wristband attached to his body. And oh yeah, the giant piece of tape. Photo by Jamie Garrett

As I was walking into the studio, laptop & headphones in hand, I got a call from a number I know well.  Logan's older brother Tyler is switching to middle school after five years at Logan's brand new school, and there have been many calls over the years for various reasons.  Never before was a missed bus the reason for a phone call.

My first thought upon hearing the words, "missed bus", took me back to when I was a kindergartner and what my reaction to a missed bus on the first day of school would have been.  Needless to say I would have been a wreck.  Strange people, strange place & missed bus home all on the same day and I would have been as emotionally fragile as the kid in The Sixth Sense.

Not Logan.  Not the kid that got 5 stitches and didn't even flinch.  Not the kid we call Danger Baby.  He was a trooper.  All he wanted to talk about was whether he could buy lunch at school instead of bringing his own lunch.  He amazes me more every day.

Also amazing is the fact that a kindergartner had his bus take off without him on his first day of school... ever!!  As you can see from the pictures, in addition to a gigantic piece of tape with his bus written on it AND a wristband that has his correct bus on it, his bus still took off without him.

It's going to be hard to top this one.  In 13 years of public school bus riding, never did I miss the bus.  My parents would have told me to get started walking home and I make make it home in time for breakfast.  Of course, that walk was through the snow, up hill both ways across interstate highway traffic while lugging around my backpack AND my trombone.