Any size Alligator hanging out in the garage is reason enough to lose your cool, so we don't blame this man from Flushear, Texas for trying to keep his distance!

A 9-foot gator was discovered inside a garage on Cross Creek Ranch in Flushear, Texas on Thursday night. Neighbors and police managed to lasso the gator around the head, even though it can be seen thrashing about on this dramatic video.

Then the gator got really mad and started whipping it's tail and hissing. The gator's tale missed the men and crashed into a row of shelves which immediately fell to the ground on top of it. Now it looked really ticked off. The gator put up a fight for a while, and it even broke the wranglers pole in half!

In the end, Humans for the win. The gator was eventually brought outside the garage and captured. It measured 106-inches long. It will be taken to an alligator farm in El Campo.