Seth McFarlane recently appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote Ted 2, and Jimmy wisely challenged him with the 'Wheel of Musical Impressions.'

This is one of my favorite bits on the Tonight Show. I'm not sure whether Jimmy gives his guests a head's up on who they could be impersonating or not, but it appears that he doesn't.

The quick-witted celebrities that he typically plays this game with are all talented, but Seth McFarlane's flexibility with his voice is really impressive.

Jimmy has Seth start the game by impersonating Liam Neeson discussing Time Warner Cable, and Jimmy follows with a funny, and loud version of Jerry Seinfeld going off on Uber. Seth then is forced to impersonate the likes of Bob Goldthwait and Ray Romano while Jimmy tackles PeeWee Herman.

Ted 2 came in third at the Box Office over the weekend, and just in case you missed it like I did. Here's a look at the trailer again.

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