Couple of big items happened on this day in Texas History.

Riots flared up in Dallas on this day in 1973. It was due to the killing of a 12-year-old boy named Santos Rodriguez.

Santos was shot while being questioned about stealing less then $10 dollars. He was handcuffed in the back of a squad car. The shooter, Dallas policeman, Darrell Cain. Would later be charged with murder and convicted. Rodriguez was exonerated.

But on this day a protest march would turn into a riot. Causing widespread damage, thirty-eight arrests, and five policemen being injured.


Also on this day, in 2011, Killeen police announced that Naser Jason Abdo, 21, was arrested after a tip from a gun dealer and faced charges in a plot to kill Fort Hood soldiers and their families. The following year he was sentenced to life in prison.