There are a lot of animals in Texas, with some not being helpful.

While some animals in the Lone Star State are fun to have around, such as dogs or cats, maybe even a bird. But unfortunately, not every creature in the state is approachable, or harmless for that matter. There's always an invasive species, looking to cause issues to the world we live in.

We've all heard of the Zebra Mussels in the Lone Star State that many are trying to avoid an increase of. Just search online and you'll see multiple animals attempting to harm the area. But there's one more that Texans should keep an eye out for.

While worms are normally harmless, there's one type of worm known as the jumping worm that isn't going to help you anytime soon.

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The Jumping Worm And How It Harms The State Of Texas


According to the Texas Invasives, Jumping Worms don't attack humans, but they do attack where we grow plants! But how do they do that? Well, they go through ground, and eat simply everything that is organic.

This in turn, harms the plants we grow. With the plants having nothing in the area to use as sustenance, they unfortunately suffer. Texas Invasives provides how you can spot on of them harmful creatures.

Thankfully, there is a way for you to help the area around us if you, and you can read up on how to stop them from growing in the state here.

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