The current outbreak of a new strain of the coronavirus that started in Wuhan, China has many people concerned. When folks are scared, they sometimes don't think straight.

Dailydot shared some Google data that leads us to believe many Texans might think the virus and Corona beer are related.

Texas is one of the top three states to have a recent spike in Googling “corona beer virus”. So do people think you can contract the virus from drinking the beer? Maybe, and we can confirm you can not.

Maybe folks think drinking the lager will cure the virus, like eating your heart healthy Cheerios. Well, first of all, Cheerios is not a foolproof plan on heart health and beer is not medicine, despite what approximately 2.7 million county songs say.

When you have a good time, a Corona gets its lime or something like that. So don't worry -unless someone with the virus drinks your beer and contaminates the bottle, you'll be good. Don't share your beer, and remember to wash your hands.

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