Alright Killeen-Temple, Texas, it's OK to admit you didn't know the Public Health Emergency for Covid-19 is officially over today. Ever since the Coronavirus Pandemic started in early 2020, there has been a nonstop pursuit of, "Returning to normalcy."

In the last roughly 3.5 years, more than 230,000,000 United States residents have become fully vaccinated which roughly equals 70% of the population. Among those, roughly half have received a booster based on data by USA Facts.

In my immediate family, I was the first to receive both shots, but I have yet to receive a booster. As more information has become available on Covid-19, this was a decision made after consulting my doctors. As I type this with a dull headache, thoughts of getting a booster admittedly creep in.


After a while since Covid-19 became such a large part of our life, it almost turned into the go to answer for any question of, "Why isn't ___?" The snap answer was always, "The 'Rona." Any kind of cold symptom automatically became, "You think you have Coronavirus?"

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I have only been tested once for Covid-19, and I was negative. To this day, I don't know if I've ever had it, or if anyone in my house has. There are still so many questions because overall it feels like so many of us haven't received a clear understanding of the virus.

I am curious to one day read one of my kids' history books, and see exactly what the chapter or chapters of US History say, and reconcile that with what we all remember. So, just because the emergency is technically ending, Covid-19 remains, and we should relax. Just don't relax so much you cease to make good hygiene choices.

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