There's a wide variety of new music to choose from this week, from songs about drinking with your mom to songs about getting over heartbreak while crashing in your friend's tourbus, and so much more. Read on to get to know all the latest tunes!

Justin Moore, "Why We Drink":

Justin Moore found the inspiration for his carefree, sing-along new party tune in an unexpected place: His mom. The song runs through all the little reasons to raise a glass, from a home team win (or loss) to a Sunday barbecue (or a Monday treat), and in real life, the singer says, his parents are two of his occasional drinking buddies.

"The song idea came from my mom, coincidentally," he explains in a press release. "She's not an alcoholic, but as funny as it sounds, my wife and I double date with my mom and dad. We enjoy their small doses." Moore wrote "Why We Drink," which comes off his forthcoming Late Nights and Longnecks project, with David Lee Murphy, Casey Beathard and Jeremy Stover. -- CL

Vince Gill, "I Don't Wanna Ride the Rails No More":

Vince Gill's introspective Okie opening track, "I Don't Wanna Ride the Rails No More," tells a tale of jumping trains to head west. Gill says he wrote the song while reflecting on his own life on the road: “The whole image of riding a train has such great beauty to it. It conjures images of The Grapes of Wrath, the Dust Bowl and people hopping freight trains,” he says in a press release. “This song has got to come from my experience in order to be able to put it on paper and to have it feel legit and truthful and honest. In my case, it could very well be about a bus instead of a train — I’ve been riding a tour bus for 40-something years now. This is a song of reflection, yearning and hopefulness.” -- CC

Whiskey Myers, "Gasoline": 

Ahead of their upcoming self-titled album, Whiskey Myers have shared “Gasoline,” a true country-rock song with a rebellious beat accompanied by unruly yet motivational lyrics about keeping on when life gets tough. Throughout the song, the group’s lead singer and the song’s writer, Cody Cannon, calls for an impressive trio: A Bible, a gun and gasoline. Whiskey Myers will be released this September. -- CC

Morgan Wallen, "Chasin' You":

Morgan Wallen’s latest single, “Chasin’ You,” is a message to a girl who slipped away. Wallen sings about how, although the relationship didn’t work out, he still thinks about her -- probably more than he should. “You always used to talk about LA / I heard you got as far as Santa Fe / Oh wait, you know, I tried to track you down / I only got as far as get Guitar Town / Singing about a girl I used to know, used to know,” Wallen sings. “You should know that I haven't given up / I'm just on your radio.” “Chasin’ You” will go for radio adds on July 29; the song was written by Wallen, Craig Wiseman and Jamie Moore. -- CC

Lillie Mae, “Terlingua Girl”:

Lillie Mae's shimmering new "Terlingua Girl" was born out of a trip to a Texas border town that's rumored to be haunted, according to Consequence of Sound. "Terlingua is a small place...a mysterious, slow, haunting, haunted, wild, whacky West Texas town in the sun, bordering Mexico," the singer explains. "I am quite drawn to that area spiritually, and on that trip I had many dreams become reality."

The new single comes off Mae's sophomore record, the Dave Cobb-produced Other Girls, which drops on August 16. -- CL

Dalton Domino, "Cheap Spanish Wine":

Dalton Domino wrote his forlorn new track, "Cheap Spanish Wine," which he was in the midst of heartbreak and crashing on Wade Bowen's tour bus in New Braunfels, Texas. "I wrote this one night in the back lounge. It's about hitting rock bottom after breaking up with someone you love very much, and not being able to get out of the rut. So, you just leave," he explains in a press release. "I still don't know if Wade knows about the whole 'living on his bus' thing. Hopefully he doesn't read this and change the code to open the door. 'Cause I still stay there from time to time."

"Cheap Spanish Wine" comes off of Domino's forthcoming Songs From the Exile, which is set for release on Aug. 23. -- CL

Billy Strings, "Taking Water":

Bluegrass rocker and genre-blender Billy Strings waxes apocalyptic in his new track, "Taking Water," a string-laden S.O.S. call for a sinking ship. "This ol' boat is taking water / It won't be long 'til it goes down," he sings in the song's chorus.

Still, the song hasn't abandoned all hope just yet, as grim as things may seem. "There's still time to make it right," Strings pleads. "Taking Water" is the lead-off track to the singer's forthcoming new project, Homewhich will be released on Sept. 27. -- CL

Hugh Masterson, "Trouble":

Hugh Masterson’s latest release, “Trouble,” is a haunting reminder about the deep metaphorical waters that people have to wade through in their lives. In the song, Masterson tries to cope with the things he can control while also trying to learn to accept the things he cannot.

“I lost my mom to dementia during the coldest part of the year in northern Wisconsin. I ended up suffering from [a] depression I was having a hard time getting out of. I lost a job and a relationship, and I needed a change. I moved to Nashville, so I had to start over completely, and it wasn’t the easiest process for me …,” Masterson shares, detailing the experiences that inspired “Trouble.” “This song, and the album it comes from, are about trying to get by and to get through the challenges of life and love, and ultimately realizing much of what we try to control, we cannot.” --CC

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