Like so many actors, singers and celebs before him, rapper Kanye West is in the hot seat for taking cash to make an appearance. He performed at a wedding gig in Kazakhstan over the weekend. The oft controversial rapper and new father pocketed a cool $3 million for his performance, but human rights advocates are miffed over the appearance.

Yeezy played a private gig at the Hotel Royal Tulip in Almaty for President Nursultan Nazarbayev on Saturday, Aug. 31. The president is a billionaire accused of committing acts of torture against his own people. He hired 'Ye to perform at his grandson's nuptials. Kanye West, wedding singer?

An Amnestry International rep said, "Kazakhstan is a country where Amnesty has concerns about the use of torture." Anyone who dares to criticize the government is tossed in jail and the media is subject to strict governmental control.

You can see guest-filmed footage of Yeezy's performance here.

Oh, and fans of 'Borat' will recognize the name Kazakhstan. It's not a fictional locale. It is, however, the glorious birthplace of the fictional character for which he hoped to make benefit in America.