Kellie Pickler is about to make her big screen debut ... well, sort of. The singer is lending her voice to the upcoming 'VeggieTales' movie, 'Beauty and the Beet.'

The 'Dancing With the Stars' champion is going to play a sweet potato. That's right, Picker is becoming a yam -- a yam named Mirabelle. The role will be featured in a feature film-length version of the show. 'VeggieTales' is a popular kids cartoon series that features animated vegetables teaching little ones about Christian morals. The country star will make her debut alongside popular characters like Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber.

Mirabelle also just so happens to be in a family band. Pickler's role will be a singing one in the family band, and Mirabelle the sweet potato will be the band's lead singer. The family will overcome some turmoil, with Pickler aiding along the way.

But that's not all -- Pickler is going to perform seven original songs in the 'VeggieTales' film! The music and DVD will be released on Oct. 14. The holiday-themed album will even feature her very own rendition of the classic 'Deck the Halls.'

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