Kenny debuted the new music video for his latest single "When I See This Bar" today on USA Today. The video was shot in the Virgin Islands and as far as a Rita Review here you go: Kenny is singing in a bar about a bar.

All jokes aside, it is sure a beautiful place. I don't blame him one bit for spending so much time there.

Kenny says about the video:

"It's got a lot of my life in it, a lot of the friends I met down in the islands back even before I started building my life as I know it now," says the native of Luttrell, Tenn., who spends most of his time off the road in the Virgin Islands. "Like the song, there's a lot of life in this video, and it's got a lot of people who inspired me in the ways they lived their lives."

Right now you can only watch the video on USA Today because it is debuting there EXCLUSIVELY, but you can click HERE to watch it in its 6 plus minute entirety.

Sidenote: Kenny wrote this song with AMAZING songwriter Keith Gattis, who also calls Georgetown, Texas home. That's just a little trivia, free of charge.