Waco residents took advantage of a 3-hour workshop this weekend aimed at helping communities provide first-aid and medical attention for children.

Kids 1st Aid is an organization that offers workshops to assist communities in learning how to better provide first aid and medical attention for things like water emergencies, choking, burns, and other common situations affecting children. The class was held at the Waco Regional Tennis Center on Sunday, and Kids 1st Aid plans on setting up more workshops in central Texas in the coming weeks.

Helping parents understand first-aid basics for common emergency situations is the mission of Kids 1st Aid. Originally based in Australia, the group is now headed state side to help communities in America. They have provided training for some 38,000 parents, daycare workers, baby sitters and even teachers. Kids 1st Aid even offers individual classes for those with tight schedules.

For more information or to sign a group up for classes visit Kids 1st Aid and check out the upcoming list of additional classes to be scheduled soon.