If only this wild animal was running (hopping?) through Killeen, it could have been taken as a sign for the football season to come. On Wednesday, February 10, a Kangaroo was spotted and reported to Hood County Deputies, hopping down a North Hood County road in Granbury, TX.

Deputies were perplexed with how to deal with the situation as they've received calls about cows and other livestock, but not Kangaroos. Luckily they were able to get a leash on the marsupial from down under and it simply hopped into the animal control vehicle with no resistance.

There is a long list of exotic animals that are illegal in the Lone Star State, but since Kangaroos aren't considered dangerous (have you ever been kicked by one!?), it was perfectly legal and the owner recovered their pet shortly after.

Here's another instance of a Kangaroo on the hop in Midland, TX a few years back.