The Killeen Police Department has installed an emergency call box on its building at 402 North 2nd Street.

For budget reasons, no desk officer will be stationed there as of this week, but detectives with the Special Investigation Division will be inside. The box has a red button for emergencies and a black button for non-emergencies, and citizens can use the box to file reports and have officers dispatched to the area.

On one hand we can totally understand why this approach was taken, but on the other it's a sign of the times. Budget cuts have taken people away from the front line inside restaurants, grocery stores (self check out), and now the police station. The call box will still allow you to file a report, or have an officer dispatched to a location.

Killeen PD would like the public to know that if a citizen would like to make a report with a desk officer, they can still do that at police headquarters at 3304 Community Blvd. 

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