A Killeen resident in the Lake Road neighborhood posted a video on Facebook of a teenager attempting to break into his car on security camera and warns residents to protect their belongings.

The video posted by Tim Calloway has since been shared over 1,100 times on social media with the following post:

If you stay off of lake road area and your car was broken into. This might be the kid who did it. Caught him on my Security [sic] Camaras in broad day light. He looked up and saw my [sic] Camaras in the front and took off. I watched the feed on my other [sic] Camara in the front and he check two other cars before stopping at my house. I reported him to the police. Please make sure you always lock up your cars and don't leave your garage open. They are bold.

Residents are warned to keep their doors locked on vehicles that are parked outside and to make sure your garage doors are closed. But most importantly, we as a community need to make sure our young people aren't out being stupid and committing crimes before something worse than prison befalls them.

On the same night, another Killeen resident fell victim to car burglary.

According to the owner of Overspray Customs, he found his custom truck on cinder blocks after leaving it in his driveway overnight last night.