One story that many in Temple, Texas have been keeping their eye on is that of the soup throwing at Sol De Jalisco. Back in 2021, the story made headlines not only in Central Texas, but across the nation after video of the incident was released. Now we know the sentence of the woman guilty of the crime.

First, let's rewind a little bit for those who aren't familiar with this story.

The Background Of The Case

Video from November of 2021 showed a woman, later identified as Amanda Nicole Martinez, throwing hot soup into an employee's face after complaining about the way her food had been packaged. Martinez then left the eatery, but was soon arrested and charged with assault causing bodily injury due to the video evidence.

Despite the footage, the case took a long time to come to a conclusion due to Martinez not taking the initial plea deal offered. A trial was set to begin in June of 2022, but that would hit a roadblock as well.

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Trial Delays Explained

The first delay of the trial pushed it back to September 12th of 2022. This was after Martinez's attorney requested a continuance, due to the amount of felony cases he was handling at the time. Another delay left the case going to trial December 5th, then the case was pushed back again due to an unknown circumstance, setting the trial for February 27th of 2023.

But the case has finally reached its conclusion, thanks in part to Martinez.

The Cooling Of The Case

According to KCEN, Martinez pleaded no contest to the charges on Friday, February 24, 2023. A prosecutor on the case shared details on her punishment:

- $800 fine
- six days of jail on work release
- 15 months of deferred probation

So, after nearly a year and a half of unknowns, the soup throwing case of Temple, Texas has officially come to a close.

What Do You Think About Martinez's Sentence?

A few people in our office said they think the punishment should have been more severe. It's hard to watch the video and imagine how potentially dangerous it was to throw that soup on another human being like that, not to mention how embarrassing for both the employee and Martinez's friends and family.

Do you think the punishment fit the crime? Tap the Chat button in our free app and let us know what you think.

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