While shopping at the Aldi in Temple, Texas after work earlier this week, another customer commented to my 3 children how much they couldn't believe it is already Easter this weekend. Based on the way time seems to fly by, I responded that, "At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if it were Easter again next week."

Don't worry, this article is not so long that you will miss Easter. It is almost here, and you are not going to want to miss taking your kids on an egg hunt. Due to weather projections, the Killeen City Rec's community egg hunt on Thursday, April 6, 2023 will now be a drive-through event at the Killeen Athletic Complex.

Where is the Killeen Athletic Complex?

You can drive up at 2201 East Veterans Memorial Boulevard, and staff will hand out Easter eggs to participants while they remain in their vehicle. If weather becomes too sever, even the egg hunt will be called off to allow everyone to seek appropriate safety.

Who can attend the Killeen Community Easter Egg Hunt?

The event is open to anyone 12 and under. You can read the full notice with the City of Killeen here.

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When will the egg hunt begin?

The parking lot will be open to the Killeen Athletic Complex at 6:30pm, and eggs will be handed out while supplies last. So, that doesn't necessarily say arrive early, but you definitely don't want to be late. Passengers 12 and under are also reminded to bring Easter Baskets, and come prepared to have fun!


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