Can you believe it's almost Christmas? I can hardly believe it myself, yet here we are just a few calendar flips from the big day here in Killeen, Texas.

If the story of the Grinch taught us anything, it's that Christmas isn't just about the gifts, and it's entirely possible to have a wonderful day without them.

However, if you look past the cynical commercialism, gift giving is a special part of the holiday season. It gets everyone into the spirit of generosity and thoughtfulness, and is symbolic of the spiritual gifts we receive but perhaps don't always take the time to appreciate throughout the year.

The downside is that we often put a lot of pressure on ourselves to think of the perfect gift, but the best ideas usually come to us when we stop panicking and just think about what we know brings joy to the person who'll be receiving the gift we've made or picked out. Giving a gift should be just as joyous an experience as getting one, and that's the spirit to have when looking for something that's just right. Give from the heart and you can't go wrong.

Now, of course, it's almost zero hour. Even during a good year, trying to order a package Christmas week and expecting it to arrive on time is most often an exercise in futility. Factor in this year's supply chain issues and yeah...good luck with that, chief.

If you put off your Christmas shopping too long and are now scrambling for something to get for that special someone in your life, here are a few ideas that'll hopefully save your chestnuts from the fire, along with some bad gift ideas you should avoid at all costs.

Best of luck!

6 Great Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas (And 6 Really Bad Ones)

So you put off your Christmas shopping until the last minute, huh? Well, hopefully this quick guide can help you get a thoughtful gift that'll be a hit rather than a dud that will get you hit. Good luck!

Check Out These Great Christmas Light Displays From Around Central Texas

Monday we wrapped up our Light It Up Central Texas contest where we had you send in pictures of your best Christmas lights displays.

Of course, it's the most wonderful time of the year and there's no better time to show the world how much you love the holiday season.

Maybe this year you lugged all 12 crates of lights out of the basement and blanketed the entire house. Maybe you rented some heavy equipment to decorate the towering pine tree in your front yard. Maybe there's a life-size replica of Santa's sleigh shining brighter than a Vegas casino in front of your business.

Maybe you just went all out and your house lights up the whole block!

As you will see some people did just that!

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