If you aren't familiar with who Royce O'Neale is, you should be! The Killeen, Texas native has accomplished some great things, and was recently honored by his alma mater here in Central Texas.

Current NBA Player Born And Raised In Killeen

The 28-year-old starting power forward for the Utah Jazz was born and raised in Killeen and attended Harker Heights High School. He graduated as part of the Class of 2011 before attending Baylor University and the University of Denver.

He's Paid His Dues

Some professional basketball players have an easy road to the NBA by simply playing college ball and then being drafted.

Some players, like O' Neale, have to grind a little more than others to get noticed, spending time in the NBA-G League (the NBA's minor league) before making the transition to the NBA.

Some players have to play overseas before they make it to the NBA.

Royce O' Neale had to do all of that.

O' Neale played 2 years overseas in Germany, Spain, and Lithuania before making it to the NBA's G-league in 2017.

 Royce Oneale's Big Break To The NBA

O'Neale debuted for the Utah Jazz in 2017-2018 and hasn't looked back!

He helped the Jazz become the league's #1 seed for last year's NBA playoffs, and they are currently the number 4 seed in the Western Conference, getting ready for another playoff run.

Honored by Harker Heights High School

Last week, O' Neale's double zero (00) jersey was retired by his alma mater Harker Heights High School.

According to NBA.com, O’Neale led the Harker Heights Knights to a 28-6 record and Texas 5A regional quarterfinals as a senior, posting 18 double-doubles and two triple-doubles in 2010-11.

Congratulations to Royce O'Neale and His Family

To say the Central Texas community is proud of Royce would be an understatement. He's living proof that hard work, discipline, and determination can take you far, and it's great to see Harker Heights High honor his accomplishments to inspire the next generation.

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This is for people who are relatively new to the area and have no idea where to party in Killeen and Harker Heights.
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I've watched the local news for a long time just to get in tune with current events weather etc.
Once a week there used to be a food critic who had a feature on the news, and he would visit different restaurants in the city and taste their food on camera.

Tamika, one of our account executives here at the station, saw the same types of food reviews on the news and suggested it would be a good idea that I do the same thing with businesses and restaurants here in Killeen.
And here we are today!
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