At about 4:20 pm on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, Killeen Independent School District Police called for assistance for a riot that was occurring at Gateway Middle School at 4100 Zephyr Road in Killeen, Texas.

What caused the riot at Gateway Middle School?

Shortly after school ended on Wednesday a couple of students began yelling at each other. The interaction quickly attracted other students to the campus grounds where more students joined in with shouting, and eventually it escalated to a physical altercation.

Killeen Independent School PD were on site, and quickly called Killeen Police to assist. In total, at least 17 Killeen Police vehicles responded to the call, and quickly surrounded Gateway Middle School according to this article with the Killeen Daily Herald. Killeen Independent School Police arrested 8 students.

Just last month, it was reported that 9 Gateway students, 5 from the middle school and 4 from the high school were involved in a fight.

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Where did the arrested students go?

After being detained, Killeen Independent School Police took 8 students to the Bell County Juvenile Detention Center. Any other students determined to be involved beyond the once formally arrested will be disciplined according to the Killeen Independent School District's outlined Student Code of Conduct.

Killeen Independent School District spokeswoman Taina Maya shared with the Killeen Daily Herald,

"KISD Police is grateful for the continued support from the Killeen Policed Department."

Why did so many Killeen Police Department Vehicles Respond?

At some point during the chaos, it is a believed a Killeen Independent School Police Officer was reported as injured when the call went out to the City of Killeen Police Department.

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