I have lived in Killeen, Texas almost all my entire life, and I didn’t even know that there was a community service garden. Why are we not talking more about this?

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The Community Service Garden located behind the Killeen Civic and Conference Center on 3601 S. W S Dr. was originally created for teen defendants.

According to the City, there was a judge who found it could be difficult for teens to find places to work for court order hours because of how young they were. This is why the Community Service Garden was created. Even though the garden was created to help troubled teens, all types of volunteer work are welcome in the garden. Whether you’re into planting, harvesting, or even weeding and beautification, you can definitely be a part of this organization!



City of Killeen
City of Killeen

Once the harvest has been made, this food goes out to organizations that may be in need of it such as domestic violence shelters, food pantries, and even the homeless.

I am absolutely in love with this garden now and the idea of taking care of the community using what it provides.

6000 pounds of produce was donated to those in need in 2020, and in 2021 about 5000 pounds were donated. The City of Killeen reports donations were down slightly due to the winter storm. I'm just glad the garden survived that nightmare.

Why not come out and be a part of the solution and take care of our garden? You can volunteer on Saturdays anytime from 9 aM to 12 PM. I might go out there tomorrow and see exactly what they have going on.

If you want more information about the Community Service Garden, check out the city of Killeen's YouTube page.

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