This is certainly one story that leaves us in Killeen, Texas somewhat confused, and for some, a little bit angry.

According to the Killeen Daily Herald, Franklin Jackson, who lives in the city, has recently received multiple tickets for his dog, Tuk, walking around without a leash. But while some may look at that simply think, "well, just keep the dog on the leash!"

There's much more to the story than a simple pup running free.

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Further Details In Regards To Tuk And Franklin

The Killeen Daily Herald reports the Tuk is a service dog for Franklin, as Franklin has dealt with issues from Diabetes. Franklin has had one leg removed due to the disease, and he told the Daily Herald his other leg may be removed as well. Tuk assists him in moving around.

The dog is loved by many in the neighborhood, according to the Killeen Daily Herald. So, while at his home, Tuk is without a leash at the front lawn at the house they reside. But, at the time of writing, an unknown individual has been calling animal control and reporting Tuk without a leash.

This has resulted in Franklin now dealing with nearly $10,000 in fines. Franklin stated to the Killeen Daily Herald that Tuk walks alongside him wherever he goes. He also told the Daily Herald that he's contacted his neighbors, who have all stated they're fine with Tuk.

So Franklin, as he told the newspaper, is set to try and fight the fines in city court.

Personal Opinion Of The Writer Of This Piece

Look, I understand that some would be nervous with a dog without a leash in a front yard. But with all the evidence at the time of writing, it seems Tuk is just a loved pup by everyone, who is a simple service dog enjoying his free time running around in a yard.

There simply seems to be no reason, other than just to inconvenience Franklin. Hopefully, these fines will go away once the situation is explained.

As this is a developing story, we will have more information when it becomes available.

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