My name is Krystal, and I have lost it. Well not all of it, but I have started to. It was seven weeks of wanting to give up, messing up here and there. Several weeks of forcing myself to go to the gym when I was sore and was convinced I couldn’t do it anymore. Barbell Butterfly was a suggestion from a friend who knew I was struggling with my weight and I wanted a life change. Last night was a big night, not just for me, but for several ladies on my Barbell Butterfly team. Last night we were measured! Of course I would like to tell you how much weight I’ve lost so far, last I checked a couple weeks ago I was down 12 pounds. Unfortunately I was forced to smash my scale along with all my other team members because "I am not a number". Whenever I tell people I smashed a scale as part of my weight loss journey people think I am crazy. It’s been seven weeks of trusting a system that I don’t really understand at times.

Barbell Butterfly
Barbell Butterfly

Somehow somewhere along the way my Barbell Butterfly team has become my support system I didn’t know I needed. From venting sessions, to encouraging each other, to trading recipes, to reminding each other to make it to the gym no excuses! Keep in mind this is not who I am! I still dread go to the gym, the whole time I’m at the gym I have to focus on my breathing and reminding myself that I’m not going to pass out just because I’m working out. Last night it all felt worth it, I found out that I have lost 9 inches, all together my Barbell Butterfly team has lost 71 inches! Not bad for 9 ladies trying to make a lifestyle change right?

I promised you in the beginning going into this that I would be open and honest with you, you are my accountability here. So here I am telling you that this crazy system so far is working marvelous and I guess you could say I haven’t given up! Thank you Lynn Cofeild and Barbell Butterfly, I can't wait to see what the next 16 weeks hold. Off to Phase Two I go!

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