Sometimes the biggest obstacles we face are in our own minds.  Sometimes the eyes we're worried are judging us are actually our own eyes.  The rest of the time... the hell with them, just say #ThisGirlCan.

Although my beard brings up the obvious fact that I am not a lady, I do live with one.  This makes me an expert on the thing that holds women back the most:  Themselves.  My wife is a tattoo-bearing, marathon-running, waking-up-before-sunrise-to-work-out kinda gal, but she's her own biggest critic.

My wife is a "10", so it's hard for me to fathom what's going through her mind when she thinks she's not ___________________.  Fill in the blank.  I wish she felt as good as she looks, but in reality it's all about how you feel.  None of the other stuff matters.  What does this person think?  What will this person say?  I'm not good enough to ________________.

Fill in the blank.  I came across this video and it instantly rang out from amongst the clutter of the interwebs because I wish that more ladies would start looking inside at what they've got instead of judging their own book by the cover.  Your story has a lot of chapters left... fill up those pages with a #ThisGirlCan attitude.