LeAnn Rimes is on top of her social media game. The 31-year-old wouldn't let a little trip to the hospital keep her from staying in touch with her 532,000 Twitter followers.

On Thursday (Feb. 27), Rimes let fans know she wasn't feeling too well via Twitter. She described the mysterious illness as a "stomachache from hell."

"Can't sleep! No bueno. Hope everyone's day is starting out better than mine," she said, cleverly using the hashtag #throwupthursday.

A while later, Rimes sent out a photo of an intravenous drip and her hospital table -- which was full of apple juices and crackers -- while in her hospital bed. She even bragged on husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, who was taking care of her during her stay:


Thankfully, Rimes now seems to be on the road to recovery following her mysterious illness. She spent the weekend posting about parties, and even tweeted a photo of herself with friends. "Headed to a basketball party all dressed up cause we have a bday later at the beach," she wrote on Saturday (March 1).

This isn't the first time Rimes has been hospitalized in recent months. In September, the 'Blue' singer visited an emergency room in Dublin, Ireland and let her followers know about the shot she got that had her stumbling around the city's Irish streets.