Lee Brice isn't afraid to stand up for himself, especially when someone says something untrue. The 'Drinking Class' singer recently replied on Twitter to an accusation that he says was completely false.

After Brice performed as the opening act on Luke Bryan's That's My Kind of Night Tour in Indianapolis, Ind., a concert attendee tweeted that he was disappointed in Brice's performance, alleging that he'd had had too much to drink -- a claim that Brice quickly refuted.

The South Carolina native also chimed in that he leaves his wife and kids to do his job on the road, ending with, "Maybe think before you speak from now on."

Brice says that while he can let most things go, he finds it hard to stay quiet when the attacks are lies.

"If you say, 'Lee, you're fat, and your show sucked,' that's one thing," he tells CMT. "You can have your opinion. But to say that I was drunk onstage, when I pride myself on being professional, it's just slander. It burns me up.

"I'm usually very passive, but when you say something about me that isn't true, that's when I really get fired up," he adds. "If you're telling a lie about me, that affects me and everyone around me."

Brice's new album, 'I Don't Dance,' comes out today (Sept. 9). Order the record here.