Have you ever wondered what someone like Rita Ballou carries around with her all day?

I was having lunch with Rita yesterday at a Chinese buffet. (Yes we go to buffets. Please, we love buffets!) So Rita pulled out her purse and my eyes beheld this:

What's Inside Rita Ballou's Purse? PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING. Photo by US105

She has three cans of hairspray. She has more medication than Walgreen's drugstore. She has more random jewelry than Claire's Boutiques. So what's else is inside Rita Ballou's purse? Take a look at our short video and find out!

I can't tease her too much. I pack enough makeup in my purse to last me if I was  stranded on a deserted island for a year. Right now, I have a pair of shoes, a magazine from six months ago and three packs of unopened tissue in my purse.

So what do you keep in your purse?  Are you a light traveler or a hoarder like us? Tell us here!