I need help!  I am dealing with a bootastrophy.

Long story longer, I write a column for Best in Texas music magazine every month titled "Rita's Rendezvous". The whole gist of the article is how I take an artist on a "field trip" of sorts and we do something fun and different. I then use that time to "inter-ballou" them and ask them some of my off the wall questions.

Courtesy of TheRankinTwins.com

For this month's column, I met up with the always fun, lively and perky Rankin Twins. The twins are not only musicians, they are also very talented photographers than operate a very successful on-site photography business by the name of Twinty Photography. As a twist, the "Rendezvous" was for the twins to take MY picture.

As I throwing all of my hair and makeup stuff in a bag to take down to Austin, I knew I wanted to wear my favorite cowboy boots in the pictures. I absolutely LOVE cowboy boots and have a bit of a problem when it comes to buying them. I guess some people could call it an addiction. Well,  I found this very special pair of teal Nocona Boots in a resale shop several years ago and since then they have been a staple in my wardrobe.

Once I was finished with my hair and make up, I reached into my bag to change into my photo-worthy outfit and realized that something tragic had happened!

It is a Bootastrophy!

It was a total Bootastrophy!

Womp Womp!

An entire bottle of hairspray leaked all over my favorite boots!

I have Googled and haven't found a single thing that might be able to help me get these ugly, awful stains off of my boots. Does anyone out there have any suggestions? PLEASE HELP ME! I am desperate.


Also, be on the look out for this "Rita's Rendezvous" in the upcoming Best In Texas magazine...despite the bootastrophy, the Rankins did a great job on the photos. I can't want to see what they look like after a little Photoshop!

Courtesy of RawhideandVelvet.com