A group of Live PD fans have started a petition to overturn the Williamson County Commissioners Courts decision to terminate the county's relationship with Big Fish Entertainment, the producers of Live PD.

The ruling comes after a unanimous vote by the Commissioners Court earlier this month to end the relationship with the production company earlier this month. Earlier in May, the court proposed ending the relationship with BFE, but the 3-2 vote ultimately kept the sheriff's department on the show for a few more months.

Williamson County Sheriffs Department has been facing backlash after officers had been accused of "playing up" for the cameras and acting more aggressive towards suspects than they would have if the cameras were not around. According to patch.com, Police Commander Stephen Deaton didn't make matters any better as he was accused of asking officers if they had "relations" with producers on the hit A&E show. He's also come under fire for some social media posts he allegedly made regarding sexual assault and NFL players kneeling in solidarity against police brutality.

All in all, it seems as though a lot of people think that Live PD has been a positive on the community and are fighting to see Williamson County stay in the spotlight.

If you want to sign the petition, you can do so here!

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