If this won't make your day, I don't know what will. Hearing our local service members getting together to do something nice for their community is always a sign that you're living in the right place. Even better, this is a VOLUNTEER organization that went above and beyond to make a 11-year-old boy happy.

The Stillhouse Volunteer Fire Department did an amazing deed on Sunday that wasn't exactly fire-related, but most certainly community-oriented.

An 11-year-old local boy named Tyler felt a little down because his birthday was on Saturday, and the turnout was not what he expected. Frances Ware Kirby, who volunteers at the department saw her mother's post on Facebook later that night and shared it on the Stillhouse Fire Department feed. Her Chief and Captain immediately responded.

The Chief, newly elected  David Kirby, began planning to do something for this sweet boy. Frances contacted the mother and on Sunday, 7 members and 5 children drove on over to have a birthday celebration.

There everyone had cake, drinks, presents, and rides on the fire truck (as well as spraying water from the hose!)

"We as the Stillhouse Fire Dept. were so honored and so happy to be able to help this young man have a wonderful birthday," said Frances. "It was a very humbling experience for all of us."

Tyler definitely had fun (see the photos for yourself!) and couldn't wait to get to school on Monday to tell everyone what he did for his birthday. This is what a community organization does. They go above the call of duty to make people smile. Thank you so much to the Stillhouse Volunteer Fire Department - y'all make the world a better place.

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