A Waco lawyer, Kyle Layman has been charged with three counts of criminal solicitation of a minor for sex according to KWTX. Layman was arrested June 20th but was later released that evening when he posted bond.

Kyle Layman, Jail Photo KWTX-John Carroll
Kyle Layman, Jail Photo
KWTX-John Carroll

Kyle Layman, 32, is a 2014 Baylor Law School graduate. Layman faces prison time, a $10,000 fine, and disciplinary action from the Texas Bar association if convicted.

The mother of the 14-year-old girl originally contacted Layman because of harassment her daughter was receiving at school. It was at this time that Layman requested the girl's phone number for the purpose of communicating with her about the harassment.

Instead in early May, Mr. Layman began sending sexually explicit texts to the young girl. By May 15th, investigators had intervened by assuming the identity of the girl and taking over communications via text.

Investigators report that Layman discussed partying, masturbation, oral sex, and sexual positions in their conversations.

Despite these serious allegations, Layman continues to practice law and represent clients facing charges similar to his own.

Kyle Layman is currently being represented by fellow Waco defense attorney, Robert Callahan.

Do you believe it's reasonable for Layman to continue to practice law and represent others facing similar charges? Let us know in the comments.

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