News 10 is reporting that the Lorena ISD is denying a report that has been circling around social media that one of their students has a "hit list".

According to News 10, there was a rumor floating around social media that one of the students at Lorena High School had a "hit list". The school announced that this simply was not true.

“This information is incorrect,” Lorena Superintendent Joe Kucera said in a letter to parents Thursday.

Lorena High School contacted police and joined with authorities in an investigation into the matter.

“Lorena High School administration in conjunction with the Lorena Police Department have investigated the report thoroughly. Fortunately, the comprehensive investigation found no credible threat to Lorena High School or any other Lorena ISD campus,” said Kucera.

Even though the reports turned out to be false, the school will not sit idle.

“We will continue to monitor the situation, investigate reports, and take additional safety measures as needed,” he wrote.


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