Changes are happening for SNAP benefits in Texas, and if you find your amounts going down or disappearing entirely, there is help available in Killeen-Temple, Texas. The new changes are part of the recent debt ceiling negotiations, and are in addition to the ending of the emergency benefits that Texans were receiving.

With the new debt ceiling agreement all SNAP beneficiaries must be working if they are age 54 or younger. This is a change from the 49 year old requirement. With the new age threshold, it is anticipated that more services will begin referring people to places like Workforce Solutions of Central Texas.

What is SNAP?

SNAP is a program within the United States Department of Agriculture to aid with food insecurities. SNAP is an acronym for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

There are income and dependency requirements to receive the benefits. Overall the goal is to help your family become move towards self-sufficiency with your nourishment needs.

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What can I do if my SNAP benefits change or end?

There are several foodbank options you can explore by visiting websites like Central Texas Food Bank, The Salvation Army, or Helping Hands Ministry.

In this recent article by KWTX, executive director for Helping Hands, Alicia Jallah said,

"I potentially see some families that are going to need help getting more groceries, because they’re now being required to work."

If you do need food, you are not alone, there are services in place to assist, and you have multiple options.

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