News 10 is reporting that police are looking into an animal cruelty claim after a dog was found in a ditch with a bullet in its head over the Christmas break in China Spring.

Police say they have an idea who the suspect is that shot the dog on Christmas Eve in China Spring.

"We do have a suspect in that case and we will be following that investigation through," said Chief Deputy David Kilcrease on Wednesday.

Police did not name the suspect but said that the person will face a possible felony animal cruelty charge.

If you ever decide that you no longer want to keep your pet, you should take it to a shelter, you should not take it to the side of the road and shoot it," said Kilcrease. "It's probably one of the most inappropriate things to do."

For the dog to still be alive is somewhat of a miracle.

KWTX said, "The couple who found him, a man named Aaron and his fiance Victoria, have named the dog 'Lucky.'"

"Yea Lucky was very lucky! The bullet missed everything," said Victoria. "Made a clean entrance and exit. It's crazy!"

Victoria said that the only apparent damage is that the dog's left ear no longer works.

The dog's rescuers also plan to keep Lucky and give him a loving home.

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