Luke Bryan is arguably the biggest thing in country music right now, but even he's not perfect (really). He falls down and makes goofy faces and forgets what he's doing just like everybody else. But unlike the rest of us (and luckily for fans), when he messes up, there's almost always a camera pointed at him.

With that in mind, Bryan and his team posted a 5-minute blooper video as part of his weekly LBTV series, revealing all the hilarious road shenanigans and hi-jinks you would expect from a bunch of fun-loving, overgrown kids.

"We went out to the socials and we told everybody, 'Tell us what your favorite LBTV moments have been through the years,'" Bryan says in video. "We're doing a Top 10, but everybody resoundingly said 'Bloopers.' So, here's your LBTV with bloopers, because of you guys."

Apparently, people like to tease the "Kick the Dust Up" singer while he's doing interviews ... especially when he can't see them. They also like to steal the camera's focus for themselves, sometimes to have a serious talk about the human anatomy.

"I've never heard a doctor go 'Well, it seems as though you've got a swollen weenus,'" Bryan adds hilariously when learning the name of a body part.

Sometimes "coyotes" get loose in the venue, and sometimes the band is pretty sure RuPual (of RuPaul's Drag Race) just got on the plane. Sometimes Bryan falls in a river while he's trying to look cool for a fly fishing segment, sometimes he goes without a shirt, and sometimes the stage lift he's testing goes way too slow.

Every once in a while Bryan needs help calming down from Cole Swindell, and now and then you'll find Dierks Bentley hiding in his own private fortress of solitude (then he gets all mad).

But mostly, it looks like Bryan and his travelling family are having the time of their lives.

Bryan's Kick the Dust Up tour is currently underway, planning to visit cities all over the U.S. before wrapping Oct. 30 in Detroit — so you can bet there will be plenty of material for a new blooper reel next year!

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