Clayton Homes of Killeen knows your pets are a part of your family! They offer some pretty cool "Pet Perks" I've not seen at many other places. If you have Dogs, Cats, or any other type of pet in your home, Clayton homes has pet options that will make your four legged friends jump for joy in their new surroundings! Lets check out a few below, and be sure to visit Clayton Homes of Killeen online at to see even more!



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    Pet Bed Cubby

    The pet cubby is a great spot for your pet to relax for a while. Grab your pets favorite bed and place it here so it knows this is where they can go take comfy pet nap!

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    Built In Pet Supply Storage

    You may have pet toys, shampoo and towels all over in other homes. At Clayton Homes the built-in pet supply areas keep everything neat and easy to find.

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    Outdoor Living Area

    Pets love outdoor time as much as we do! Clayton homes lets you customize a designated area outside for you and your pets!

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